Author of Breasts Don't Lie

About Trudi

Born in Scotland from a maternal line of Mediterranean Jews (artists, musicians, and a mathematician) and a paternal line of Viking atheists (policemen, gardeners, and a ship captain), Trudi Young Taylor, M.S., Ph.D traveled the world on her father’s ship. Her travels influenced her perspective, crafted a spirit of adventure, and ultimately shaped her life and her writing.  She is a teacher and counselor, massage therapist and yoga instructor, who began writing at age thirteen when she won an eighth grade creative writing contest.   She is available to facilitate workshops or speak at your next function.  Contact Trudi here.


“Writing this book has made it okay for me to acknowledge my own breasts and their history. It has also allowed me to see yours. Reading this book could be a catalyst for you to come to grips, both literally and metaphorically, with your breasts, and the myriad of breasts around you — respectfully, reverently, and even playfully.”

— Trudi Young Taylor, Ph.D.


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