Unexpected Pleasure

The Night I Read At A NY Sex Club


The Actual
Madame X Sex Club
My Wrong, Wrong Shoes


By Trudi Young Taylor

One dark and stormy night, a few years back, an editor called me. “So we are going to publish your story, but we want you to read it in New York.”

“Yay. But where exactly will I be reading?” I had dreams of an exciting but small literary salon or at least an independent bookstore.

“At Madame X. We are so excited to get in there.”

Somewhere alarm bells went off. Madame X did not sound … legit.

I packed my carry-on luggage, flew to New York, and walked to the reading.

Madame X looked like a very dark saloon. The outside was seedy and littered with liquor bottles. Smelled of garbage and cheap perfume. Inside, the tiny first floor was vampire dark and empty except the bartender. She sent me upstairs, a place of latex, dog collars, piercings, and no visible panty lines – apparently, the patrons were not wearing panties. Erotic tarot card readings in the rear. On the tiny stage, my editor introduced the night’s readers: a dictator’s mistress talking about her sex-ploits; a man telling a hilarious routine about hiring an escort from Craigslist; and a woman doing a realistic imitation of vaginal farts.

“Up next, Trudi Taylor reading her short story about pickles.”

Looking around the audience, I launched into my story, somewhat crazed and overdressed. My perky orange Banana Republic sundress with the matching argyle sweater, sleeves artfully pushed up to my elbows, matching tasteful handbag, and Dansko clogs were utterly wrong. Drenched in sweat, I read like the 750 words were a run-on sentence and clomped off the stage.

Invite me to speak at your next group or event – I promise to do my research and never ever wear perky again.

So, hey, I’m confused.  And you’re probably confused.  Why don’t we be confused together?

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Prior Appearances

shanna web final

At Raleigh’s First Friday, Trudi and Marie Arondeau presented short stories and photographs about women’s feelings of love and hate for their bodies. The Litmus Gallery presented the installation of photographs, stories and interviews of women at different decades of their lives.


Trudi collaborated with photographic artist Andre Giovina to present “69 Sheimpflug Street,” an exhibit that explored our relationships with passion and lust. Andre’s beautiful and provocative images were paired with Trudi’s 69 word stories. The showing was by invitation and for adult audiences.


In celebration of International Women’s Month, Trudi ill read with other authors including Sheryl Rider and Debra Kaufman, at Scuppernong’s Books.  The highly regarded event was a great way for the audience to support all the women in their lives!


Trudi joined with several other local authors reading excerpts from their books and answering questions at Blake Street Studios in Raleigh, NC. Trudi read from her book, Breasts Don’t Lie,