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Be Brave

Writing is an act of bravery—like all artistic endeavors. You show up. You throw up your guts. You edit the crap out of the mess to find the snippets of ...
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How to Defrost a Samsung IceMax Refrigerator (Part 3)

Three months after the weekend spent melting a chunk of ice the size of overhead luggage, I’m back glaring at Beelzebub’s machine (see Parts 1 & 2). I shiver. Something ...
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How Do We Say ‘Enough’?

Statue of Danuta Danielsson
by Susanna Arwin In 1985, Danuta Danielsson, child of a concentration camp survivor, swung her handbag at a member of the Nordic Reich Party parading through ...
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What will it take to say ‘Enough’?

The Woman with the Handbag
by Susanna Arwin I lived through a childhood with a mother scarred by the Holocaust and know firsthand how violence, and watching violence brutalizes people.  How ...
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The Ninja Jewish Princess

I had three dreams the other night—all variations on a car theme. But I’m pretty sure that’s not what they’re about—maybe you can help? The night started okay – not ...
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Part 2: Defrosting a Samsung IceMax Icemaker

Don't try this at home! In other words, the nitty-gritty of de-icing a concrete block of ice designed by an imbecile and rendering my expensive, new fridge unable to make ...
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How to Defrost a Samsung IceMax

Push down the ice maker lever. No ice. Ask your housemates, “How long has this not worked?”
They shrug. “It stopped working three weeks after we bought it.”
Curse. Try it again—no ...
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Our Country’s Colors

Julian, Dad, Marcelina, baby-me, Charmaine As I watch this country, a country I chose to join, I am broken-hearted and scared. Our country is on the precipice of revolution during ...
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Salamander Dreams

There was a time in the night,
The room was pitch dark,
Where we touched heads
And your curls mixed with my straight hair
And our brains traded dreams. I sent over my story ...
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Let Us Eat Cake!

Today, I think everyone should have a piece of cake! Yes, cake. It’s been a long couple of weeks, morphing into months, with the future looking uncertain.  Like everyone I ...
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