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Part 2: Defrosting a Samsung IceMax Icemaker

Don't try this at home! In other words, the nitty-gritty of de-icing a concrete block of ice designed by an imbecile and rendering my expensive, new fridge unable to make ...
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How to Defrost a Samsung IceMax

Push down the ice maker lever. No ice. Ask your housemates, “How long has this not worked?”
They shrug. “It stopped working three weeks after we bought it.”
Curse. Try it again—no ...
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Our Country’s Colors

Julian, Dad, Marcelina, baby-me, Charmaine As I watch this country, a country I chose to join, I am broken-hearted and scared. Our country is on the precipice of revolution during ...
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Salamander Dreams

There was a time in the night,
The room was pitch dark,
Where we touched heads
And your curls mixed with my straight hair
And our brains traded dreams. I sent over my story ...
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Let Us Eat Cake!

Today, I think everyone should have a piece of cake! Yes, cake. It’s been a long couple of weeks, morphing into months, with the future looking uncertain.  Like everyone I ...
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Season of Light

Crowded out by the frightening daily briefings on COVID 19, you may not see Spring's flowering on our planet.
  • A person donated N95 masks to healthcare workers in the DFW ...
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Dickens, the Queen, and you?

Charles Dickens wrote the best summary of this time in his 1859 classic, “A Tale of Two Cities.” ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.’ ...
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At the Table

Tonight, we moved furniture before the State of the Union speech. My pink table, a Formica, chrome-edged find from the 50s, is now behind the sofa. The newly finished, 33-year-old ...
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The Secret Heart (Gardens/Heart – Pt 5)

In summary—Hubby transplanted poison ivy around the house and onto my body. I startled a nurse. We saved my neighbor’s house from burning down, but to our collective horror and ...
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Pants, Fire, and Neighbors (Garden/Heart – Pt 4)

To recap—I’m about to receive a needle full of stuff from a supposed nurse to medicate my well-exposed rash from Rod’s, dear hubby’s, transplanted poison ivy. I am on the ...
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