The Woman with the Handbag
by Susanna Arwin

I lived through a childhood with a mother scarred by the Holocaust and know firsthand how violence, and watching violence brutalizes people. 

How dare Robert Keith Parker wear a “Camp Auschwitz” shirt as he loots and defaces the Capitol?

What happened last Wednesday, January 6th was not free speech—this was hate speech designed to incite violence against guardians of our democracy and sedition against our government. Although I don’t want to believe that my country would choose the Anti-Semitism, racism, and xenophobia on display last week, I must not turn away from the truth—a portion of our country chose violence and sedition. And it was ignited and endorsed by a president with his backing of collaborators.

Never forget.

Crosses were set up. A gallows was erected. Molotov cocktails, zip-tie handcuffs, and guns were brought into the Capitol. 

For every veteran and child of a survivor of WWII, for every member of a disenfranchised group, this was a reminder of the slippery slope we travel.

I refuse to stand back as this happens again.

I will not dishonor my mother, my country, or the global community by looking away.


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