About Breasts Don’t Lie by Trudi Young Taylor


“Trudi Taylor’s challenging and thoughtful book about breasts will surprise you with its wit and insight.  It shakes off the stereotypes men have about women’s breasts, and more importantly, forces women to really think about and honor their bodies and their breasts, whether they are firm, floppy, big, tiny buds, or surgically scarred.  Read it for yourself.  Share it with someone you love.  Spend an evening with friends talking about the stories and working through the exercises.  But, most important of all, have your son or daughter read this book and talk to them about loving others and loving themselves.”
— Carrie Knowles, author of Lillian’s Garden, and 2014 Piedmont Laureate, NC

Do you really know your breasts? Do you know their anatomy? How do you feel about them? Do you even pay attention to them?

“Breasts. We all have them, but we never realized that our breasts keep their own diaries and have their own lives. Trudi Young Taylor has put together a collection of enjoyable, informative, fun and serious stories obtained by interviewing breast and their owners. The pain and anguish of the African American male diagnosed with breast cancer. The sadness and stress experienced by a long married couple dealing with a past infidelity and an upcoming breast cancer surgery. The teenage false assumptions of which girls are “easy” based upon early breast development. A background in psychology has enabled Trudi to include a number of exercises to assist the owners of a troublesome pair. In my clinical judgment, this collection of stories should be a fixture in physicians’ waiting rooms particularly those of plastic surgeons and breast surgeons.”
— Mark Silverberg, DDS, MD

Breasts have a history influenced by culture — society, religion, even the fashion industry — and biology, including genetics and medicine.

“Writing this book has made it okay for me to acknowledge my own breasts and their history. Reading this book could be a catalyst for you to come to grips with your breasts and the myriad of breasts around you — respectfully, reverently, and even playfully.  I asked my friends for their stories about breasts. They emailed me, texted me, even cornered me at the coffee shop. One friend said ‘I like big floppy ones I can wear like earmuffs.’ This collection of stories became the book, Breasts Don’t Lie. ”
— Trudi Young Taylor

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