Push down the ice maker lever. No ice. Ask your housemates, “How long has this not worked?”
They shrug. “It stopped working three weeks after we bought it.”
Curse. Try it again—no ice.
“That was less than a year ago.”
They shrug again. “Samsung… “
Curse louder, like that will help.

  • Open the fridge to find the IceMax is a frozen block of ice. Curse. Bang on it some. Curse more.
  • Do research and find this is a common problem for all users. Curse using words would make your father, the ship captain, turn over in his grave. But he can’t. He was buried at sea.
  • Decide to contact Samsung via their FaceBook page. A nice woman writes back with suggestions. Try them. Everything checks out. No help. Extremely pleasant, but ineffective. Mumble your curses. 
  • Go to the store for Styrofoam coolers. Buy only two. Hope it won’t kill the environment.
  • Spend an hour cleaning out fridge near IceMax ice maker and loading food into coolers and freezer section. But no ice. Back to store, cursing.
  • Unplug fridge. Turn off electrical current to the fridge. Now various things don’t work in the house. Curse like your father’s ship was the Titanic.
  • Push, shove, and bang on the frozen block of ice that is the IceMax Icemaker of Samsung model 0B2E43BM700520D.
  • Try not to think about it for 12 hours but periodically break out into cursing…

(Part 2 is coming… )

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