Writing is an act of bravery—like all artistic endeavors. You show up. You throw up your guts. You edit the crap out of the mess to find the snippets of truth. You sit with your doubts until you throw these self-revelatory parts of yourself into the void and wait.

I don’t know an artist who doesn’t hope that their work helps someone. That the personal evisceration is not for nothing but for the validation of the human experience and the growth of others.

Art is everywhere.

Every time you look at a cereal box, a real live person took the time to work out the design. What type face. What shade of orange.

Every time you look at a building, see the lines. Take a moment to think about the person behind the placement of the doors, the elevator, the type of walls, and the type of flooring.

When you see a person doing something with intention, their life is their art. 

Bravery is all around us.

In this difficult time, make art.

Be brave.

(photo by Vinicius Vieira ft from Pexels)

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