I miss everyone so much. I’m going crazy.

Love everyone as much as you’ll let me in a non-biblical way.

Seriously cranky, maybe paranoid.

I’ve gained ten pounds from pandemic binging, and I don’t bloody care!

I need a nap, daily, probably two.

My friend said I should not ever use the word ‘termination.’ Another friend

told me to refrain from getting a gun. 

I spent three hours on Saturday trimming an eight-foot crepe myrtle tree to a three-foot shrub. It may die.

At best, it will look like a lollypop with a cluster of pink and white flowers shooting out of the limbs. Also, I

bashed the shit out of boxes with a baseball bat to the amusement of neighbors. All of this while singing,

“I will survive.” Luckily no one called the police or the men with white jackets.

Send candy!

(I modified the beautiful photo by conttonbro from Pexels)

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