Today, I think everyone should have a piece of cake!

Yes, cake. 

It’s been a long couple of weeks, morphing into months, with the future looking uncertain. 

Like everyone I know, my creative well is pretty dry… But I keep trying.

So, I bought an impressive and expensive chair. Didn’t help with the creativity and the insurance companies want us back in the brick and mortar office soon, really soon. On the plus side, my posture’s improving.

I started eating eggs and toast in the morning, thinking some protein might help the old brain. I can feel my arteries hardening. Not what I was going for… 

The tutorial on MailChimp gave me an immediate brain cramp. Not helpful. 

I got an unplanned, new haircut. Nothing like someone behind you with clippers who utters the ominous word, “Oops.” Now approaching everything straight on!

I made bread during a work consultation. The recipe called for a bowl of wet ingredients and a bowl of dry ingredients. I had three bowls. Therefore, cake.

I’m sure you have some stories. Send them to me. 

Let’s laugh together while eating cake.

(Sending everyone love).

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