There was a time in the night,
The room was pitch dark,
Where we touched heads
And your curls mixed with my straight hair
And our brains traded dreams.

I sent over my story –
And your face melted heavier 
Into mine, your breath, mine and ours,
And sleep wrapped me up again
Mixed with the drizzle of rain outside.

There was a time in the night,
The moon gave off a sliver of light,
Where we touched hands
And your sturdy fingers curled over my thin hand
And our hearts traded desires.

You sent over your story – 
A pair of tiny eyes peeked,
The green shimmer of a salamander,
Skittered from your curls
Ran down your arm and crossed our hands.

The lizard settled on my shoulder
And I wanted to scream,
But I didn’t, instead I
Picked him up, cradling
And took him to the open window.

There was a time at dawn,
The room was brightening.
Where the cat lay wedged herself between us,
And your Flintstone toes and my prehensile feet
Formed a nest for our love.

The cat’s fur puffed cloud-like 
Floating like the breath of god 
Sprinkling us with blessings
In the dream world of bed.

You sneezed, started to pull away but
I held on, twirling my fingers in your hair
And you kissed my nose.
The cat lay on our feet
And over the sound of the fan, meowed.

You laughed in your sleep.
I snuggled my head onto your pillow.
And the fights of the last year
Ran away with the salamander
And the uncertainty floated away like fluff.

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